My Experience with Indian escorts in Dubai

GUYS read this very carefully and think twice before even contacting an Indian escort in Dubai.

Alright, so some Agency's manifested themselves through PMs saying that this thread will seriously damage their business and my guess here is that those are the reliable ones and not the fakers. I hope I'm right. If so is the case, why don't you follow a method used in North America and some South East Asian countries where you actually provide current selfie or video and if needed then meet outside of your property first before going to your hotel room.

Now back to the subject

First Night: About 3 month ago, I was in my hotel room and trying to search escort from google. when i started searching with the keyword " Indian escort in Dubai" i immediately got shocked because of the results i had on my screen. It was literally 20 Pages which means 200 ads. Seriously?? "yes" that's what i asked to my self. I started scrolling down to the next pages and tried to touch base on couple of numbers were showing on the screen. Finally hit with one and started conversation regarding further images, videos and prices.
At first i didn't had an idea if that was the agent on other hand or the lady i have seen on the website because in the ad wasn't mentioned either it was independent or escort agency.

So after i have asked him if she is the lady i am talking to or the agent organizing on behalf of her so she was agent, after discussing all the services and financials i gave him the room #, complete reservation and my hotel name and got a confirmation from agency that she will reach after 30 mins. It's been 55 minutes already no one has arrived, no notification from agent that might she will be late, after 1 hour 10 min's I touch based on the same agency number and followed up if the lady is coming or not then again i had to wait 10 minutes to get a reply from agency that she is running late and she will reach with in 10 minutes, finally some one ring the door bell after 15 0r 20 minutes when i opened the door i was surprised like never before.

Well I am kinda person respect females regardless their profession, so i invited her inside and let her relax for few minutes offered a cup of coffee to her and explained the whole situation and showed the chat between her agent and me that you aren't the same one which is confirmed by your agency. At once i felt she isn't too bad would have accommodated her if she would have speaks a basic english as i am very much week in Hindi, the situation was very awkward and my basic ethics wasn't allowing me to sent her without money so i have paid her 200 AED cab and 300 for her travel time which doesn't make sense but it is me so no choice.

Same night i have tried two more escort agencies operating in Dubai and the result was same. I have wasted my all night and slept after all the drama happens and money wasted " I am mentioning agencies because i am pretty much sure there is no independent Indian escorts in Dubai, at-least i haven't found it after tons of searching. I wanted to mention the websites, contact details and discussion screenshots of all the Indian escort agencies i have contacted with that night but still i am not sure if this is the correct thing to do.

"Please Note: All the 3 escort agency has confirmed the girl i have selected is form India but they were from Pakistan and wasn't able to speak english at all. I have no issues with Pakistani girls even i have no shame to accept Pakistani girls are way more beautiful then Indian girls and i really would love to have them if they speaks english and educated enough to be my companion . I am sure somewhere in Dubai there will be highly educated Pakistani escort who speaks fluent english but that's my bad i can't go out to look for girl i only have a single source which is internet."

Second Night: After coming back from office i was in the room, bored again and this time wasn't in the mood to waste my single penny. So I contacted my regular Dubai escort provider and asked to sent me the availability of the girls. As far as i knew this operator is mostly dealing in top notch Russians, Europeans, British, American and Arab ladies which is highly educated, speaks fluent english and very groomed. After seeing the availability i thought let me ask the operator about Indian escort agency or Independent which is legit and immediately operator said " We have a British Indian female escort available in Dubai currently" I asked if you can sent me her images or videos and i got it instantly her images and video both and i liked it very much in first go it self. I have confirmed the operator to sent her to me for 2 hours and she came on time as usual and it was amazing it went beyond 2 hours we were together till morning, i have extended her time and it was total worth paying to Sofia.

Lesson Learned: If you are looking for Indian escorts in Dubai don't get attracted with beautiful images published on the internet, don't look for the cheapest prices, Avoid operators can't speaks english fluent, if you are taking incall services always meet Indian girl outside her property first, If you want to host in your own hotel better to meet her in the lobby in order to make sure she is the same one you have requested.

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